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This is a non nudity CrossDressing site for the classier CrossDresser..

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Having a real problem with pictures going on. I have to make them so small in size, you cannot see anything. Can anyone give me some advice. Promise lots of pictures in return, and if you message me, you can can have som… »

Gender thoughts

As a person that love to appear fem,wear female clothes and be attractive to other people that have the same x-dress desires I have often wondered who or even what am i exactly. I even went to a therapist back in the 80&… »

47 Today

Wow, birthdays always have been a good time for me. I usually get to talk to friends and have a laugh or two, more like 10 to 15 with my friends! Today I changed it up a bit and went home early from work and tried on a n… »

a first look

I have been a cross-dresser or transgender for ever and am so happy that the internet arrived and saved me. Even digital photos have improved my life amazingly.I can take photos and judge myself. With the internet and si… »

Out Shopping

I was out shopping yesterday. We were in John Lewis' department store. She needed to nip to the toilet, so I waited. While I was waiting, a woman came over to me and asked if I worked there as she needed some advice… »

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Welcome to the CrossDressing Village

Are you bored of seeing nudity, bad language and rudeness on most crossdressing sites? We were too and this is why we have started the CrossDressing Village. The willage is a place where you can make friends and share id… »